As much as I was completely excited about the baby quilt fabrics, and as much as I was inspired by a trip to the Empire Quilt Show with Cassie on Saturday, I have to say I’m not thrilled with my attempts this weekend. I spent all day Sunday and Sunday night working on it. It’s not the piecing itself, which I think I’m doing a fairly good job with, but it’s more the fabrics I chose not really working with each other in the manner I was hoping for. Perhaps it’s the design I chose. But I’m thinking I might buy some solids and see if working those in makes it less of a chaotic pattern (which some may love, but I’m not sure this recipient is one of them) or if I should start over with new fabrics for this gift, and perhaps keep the one in progress for another time. In any case, I think a trip to the quilting store is in order after starting physical therapy tomorrow morning.

I did manage to make another small project last week, a pillow for Michelle’s birthday.


In boring knitting news, I’ve got most of a back of a new Ribby Cardi done, out of the green Cascade 220. This time I’m doing a solid, all over ribbed, with a collar Cardi, rather than the two tone flat knit rolled collar one I made previously. It’ll be a good staple for chilly nights in the park.

4 Responses to “Ennui on a Tuesday”

I have a similar picture of that pillow that I obviously haven’t gotten around to posting. It’s the best pillow ever.

Love the pillow, I’m only sad I can’t squeeze the picture on my screen. The downy goodness is beyond compare!

That pillows rocks! I can imagine that choosing the right color/fabric combo would be hard.

yay! so pretty!

Good luck with PT.

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