Been working hard on the baby quilt. This is not AT ALL what I had planned. I ended up eliminating one of the fabrics, adding a few others, and breaking it all up with solid brights. It’s REALLY bright. Not so much my taste. But babies love bright colors, and he’ll grow into this well because it’s not so babyish, right? It’s a design still in the works as I am not following any set pattern. These are just blocks, not sewn together, and I keep moving them around. Work is slow, so I have the next few days to work on it with little interruption.


Next, check out this great skirt my mother made for me. She copied the basic style from an Anthropologie skirt I had, but made it cuter with trim and the fabulous Liberty cotton. I love this skirt. I didn’t even *start* my dress yet!


And here’s proof I still knit once in awhile. Ribby cardi – Cascade 220.


7 Responses to “Happy Monday”

Ooh I love the colorful baby quilt!

Very cute skirt. And I snagged a quilting book for you at work. Remind me to give it to you.

i think the quilt looks great. i love the solid colors marching in diagonal lines across the quilt. love it love it love it.

oh yeah cute skirt, cute ribby. 🙂

I LOVE the skirt. I am drooling! I want one.

Late to the game, as usual.

Woman, you and the quilting – whoa. Impressive (that was the first pattern I tried and then gave up for two years).

If I buy some Liberty, will your mom make me a skirt? I’m envious (it’s beautiful!).

This is a test comment; I hope you don’t mind!

that quilt is so pretty! i would have never thought to put the squares and colors together that way.

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