It’s been ages, eh? And I have precious little to show you at this point. Yesterday I finished quilting the baby quilt, but there’s still binding to deal with, so I haven’t taken any photos yet. Knitting is at an all time low and I am still on the left front of the green Ribby. I did cut some other fabric to make a skirt, but cutting is as far as I’ve gotten. Geez, what HAVE I been doing? Let’s see…

Socializing quite a bit. Since Valentina‘s been in town, and my friend Ayelet just came for the weekend, and there have been various birthdays scattered about, I’ve been seeing friends more than usual. I unfortunately missed yesterday’s gathering due to the most torrential rain my lifetime has ever seen, and a dog that just wouldn’t go out in it so needed to be taken out for his evening walk a lot earlier than usual.

Activities – like baseball games, Loser’s Lounge, marathon TV watching of Dr. Who with a friend, shopping and lunches, dinner with Ayelet’s family, who has time to knit or sew?

Now that work is back on a regular schedule, various friends are going home (sob) I’m sure I’ll get back on track with the craftiness and bloginess.

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