There’s been little crafting with all this kitchen stuff going on, and yes, it’s still going on. I don’t know what possessed me when I thought I could do the whole room in 2 days, but it’s coming along. Some deliveries still need to arrive to finish, and I left my floor only partially laid tonight because my hand was killing me from cutting tiles, but by next weekend, all should be done. I have to say, for a small cosmetic only makeover, it’s looking kickass so far in comparison to what it looked like before.

But I took a break from it last night to finish binding the baby quilt. All I need to do is wash it now, and it’ll be ready for my grand nephew. The quilt is not any particular pattern other than a traditional pinwheel, and the rest I just played by ear. It’s my second quilt ever, and first attempt at free motion quilting. I originally tried a stencil but I found for inexperienced me that I did a lot better just going hog wild with the stitching. It ain’t great, but I’m fairly pleased.

(Added later – I didn’t notice till now that I messed up the diagonals on the right side. Oops. I’m not gonna stress over it.)

The front.


The back.


Quilting detail.

Next on my agenda – a quilt top made into a duvet cover rather than quilted. When the kitchen is done…

9 Responses to “Second Quilt”

It looks fabulous, lady! I can’t wait to see the kitchen.

Love it! That is a very lucky grand nephew.

Wow…. You really took to quilting quite well. It looks great.

The quilt is stunning!

That is just so damn gorgeous. You know about The City Quilter in Chelsea, right?

It ain’t great?!? It’s BRILLIANT.

Looks great!

Nicely done! I love the cheery colors. Will be making something similar for my grand nephew to use as a play blanket on the floor. Nice for a soft play surface, but also for Mom to gather up the toys in. I peeped at your kitchen as well. How do you get the tiles under the stove and fridge?!! A moving man? hee hee.

Your quilt is wonderful. I love the color play of the fabircs, the bright cheery pinwheels, and the diagonal arrangement. The back and binding are perfect finishing touches.

Very nice.

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