I’ve been waiting to get a better photo of this before I posted, and look what happens, weeks go by. So you’re stuck with this one. This is the little top I started last year and finally got to finish a few weeks ago. It’s Butterick B4549, and the fabric is Denyse Schmidt Flea Market Fancy collection.


In knitting, well that’s going really slowly. I just can’t get motivated lately, but I just got into Ravelry, so I hope that I get more inspired. Now I have to photograph all my stash, document projects, etc. Hmmm…I can’t even find time to blog. Here’s where I am with the ballet camisole.


Other than that, I have been sick (didn’t even go in to my onsite job yesterday) and watching lots of TV – namely Doctor Who and the first season of Roswell. That should be good knitting time, but curling up with the pup is so much more theraputic.

More soon! Really!

5 Responses to “Random Wednesday Stuff”

about two years ago you gave me a hard time about liking something that had yellow in it. look at you now!
hope you’re feeling better fast.

Hey, that’s a lot of progress for all that stockinette!

Sorry to hear that you’ve been unwell. Hope that you feel better soon.

Right back at you, Jackie — I love this top! So cute and summery.

very cute! i thought about you when i was raiding the reprodepot table at renegade.

Love your little cotton top number! That fabric is great. Now I want one…

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