Friday, July 20 – Go to Harry Potter party. See Owls. See friend that works for B&N. Wait at midnight for Harry Potter with dog (different store, far less crowds).

Saturday, July 21-Sunday, July 22 – Lie on beach. Swim. Read Harry Potter. Check out new restaurant in mom’s neighborhood.

Monday, July 23 – Get drenched with dog in tremendous downpour. Sit at work wet all day. Be cranky.

Tuesday, July 24 – Work again. Worked some at second Jaywalker sock, which is coming out better on size 2 needles. Not striping as well, but it will fit.

Wednesday, July 25 – Reunion night. Last week got email out of the blue from best friend from my 20s. We had several falling outs but I can’t remember why. We stopped being friends about 16 years ago. We ran into each once or twice – last time was close to 9-10 years ago. You remember this photo of this sweater? That’s her with me, in 1985 or 86 I think.

Drink a lot, eat dinner, rehash old times, have a blast. Friends again.

Thursday, July 26 – Another reunion. Old friend Michelle in town visiting. We haven’t seen each other in maybe 7 years? She owns a yarn store in London now! How cool is that? We shopped all afternoon. This is Michelle.

Friday, July 27 – Forget knitting, it’s back to home improvement. I have a lot of paint samples left over from kitchen. This ugly counter is going.


Still in progress – a way to go. I’m thinking of calling this “Project Lagoon”.


6 Responses to “In which Jackie has had a week…one of those lists”

Holy crap, lady. You have had a week.

After the move Tuesday and Wednesday, we need to hang out some. TV late next week, maybe?

Ooooh, I like Project Lagoon!

I think I had that same sweater.

’80’s flashback! I remember a sweater like that in VK….

That sweater. Oh my.

I didn’t realize that restaurant had opened- I saw all the prep work. Must check it out.

It was great to see you, and do some catching up. Hope you can make it to London one of these days.

Yoo hoo, Jackie where are you? I hope to read an updated post soon. It’s not fair that you hide all your fabulous creations from such an adoring audience.
Your friend who thinks you are her favorite dog run friend 🙂

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