So my friend Lindsay was clamoring for a post here but she’s off galavanting Europe so will she even read it? No, but maybe the one or two of you left will.


I finally finished that second Jaywalker, up two needle sizes – and ripped out the first one. Here’s the finish. Yes, I have tiny feet. And it didn’t stripe anywhere near as nicely. But I cast on for the other one already and hopefully by the end of the month I’ll have a pair of somewhat ugly socks. You know what? I am so over the variegated yarn socks. Except maybe Trekking. Oh yeah, I still have a pair of THOSE unfinished. But I decided, since socks are all I have patience for lately, that I’d rather do solids. I broke my “I don’t even want any yarn” mantra to order 3 colors from Knitpicks, and pretty solid socks with cool knit patterns are in my future.

What else? Oh, just enjoying (or trying, today’s weather sucks) what’s left of summer. Three more beach weekends, and this weekend is supposed to be a high in the mid 70s. Oops. I guess it’ll be cool on the beach but who cares, I’m going.

I’ve been enjoying local summer produce. Last night’s dinner was sooooo easy and delicious. Sauteed summer vegetables with seared scallops, all from the greenmarket. How I love being two blocks away.


The rest is all work, work, work. As soon as summer weekends are over though, out comes that sewing machine.

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let’s call them ‘somewhat pretty socks’, ‘kay?
i’ve decided to be over variegated and self striping sock yarn, too. i’m not buying any ever again. too bad my sockapalooza pal doesn’t like them either, so i couldn’t pawn off a pair of sock’s worth on her!

Hey, you’re going to be breaking out the boots soon anyway, right?

I tried knitting up a self-striping jacquard sock but couldn’t do it. But I still like Lorna’s and other variegated sock yarns, but I need to be able to do something different with them.

Scallops look yummy!

Aha! And you thought a little pond could stop me from checking email!
But seriously, thanks Jackie, I’m flattered (and the scallops look yummy too!)
I took your advice and just downloaded and posted pics of our first Dublin adventures on my blog..thank you again.
We just got to our hotel room after a very long day and while I’m perfectly thrilled about the free internet access I must get myself to sleep pronto.
Speak to you soon.

just wanted to stop by and wish you a happy birthday!

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