I learned that you never forget how to ride a bike. I haven’t been on one in oh, say 6-7 years, and I jumped on and flew as if it were yesterday. The bike feels great, nothing like what I expected from a folder (flimsy, wobbly, etc.).


We took a little jaunt in Central Park, she and I. Forgive the crappy iPhone photo. It was fun except:

1. I probably shouldn’t have taken my first ride in many years in 80+ degrees, in a park with hills. Big hills. Ay yi yi.

2. Carrying her in this heat on the subway wasn’t particularly fun. She’s only maybe 2 or 3 lbs. heavier than Ty, but she’s bulky. And I’m old. (I didn’t want my very first ride to be in midtown weekday traffic).

3. I hate wearing a helmet. Really. It’s my first time ever wearing one, and man, did it make me sweat. Look how grumpy I am.


I have a long way to go before I work up to riding in this, but I have until May. And I’m determined to do it.

Now, please bring on Fall. I need a shower.

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I rode the 5 Boro Bike Ride for the first time this year after not riding for years and it felt great! What a great thing to look forward to… it’s really something to ride through the streets and on the highways and across the bridges of New York City with 34,000 other people. What kind of fold-up did you get? I’m starting to contemplate the switch because of the limited storage space in my new apartment.

Yeay!! You got it! And you must wear your helmet. I know it’s sweaty and gross, but I’m alive today because I wore mine. It should be fall soon. Soon!

ooh,that looks like fun! and also, you are grumpy but cute in that picture.

Nice bike! The hubby thinks so too since I just showed him the picture. New bike pron.

You can get a much lighter, more vented, and more comfortable helmet that will keep your head cooler. Good luck.

Yea!!! New bikes are great. You’ll get used to the helmet and they really do save lives and lessen damage, even at slow speeds. Mike and I can both attest to that.


Be happy that its 80 degrees. It has been winter in London all summer! Enjoy your bike, it looks great!

The 5 boro bike tour is quite fun; just make sure you don’t start at the beginning beginning. I hung out on 34th Street and waited for the leaders to go by — and jumped in. Otherwise you will walk for miles from Battery Park to Central Park, before you have enough room to jump on your beauty bike, and that is not so fun.

Check you out updating your post and not telling moi! I love the bike and am very impressed with your ride in the park as well as your goal. You are an amazing woman, I’m sure you will bike the hell out of new york. Maybe there will be some zucchini cake at the finish line?

my helmet gives me a headache. 😉

love the new bike!!

Hi Jackie,
A co-worker of mine was in the NYC area last week and she brought clothes for chilly weather. Boy was she surprised!
Nice bike! I gotta hop on mine and get pedaling too!

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