Back in summer 2006, I started Cherry. I actually did finish it pretty much by the end of the summer – all but the top button sewed on. But then when I tried it on, I realized I picked up way too many stitches for the neckline, and it plunged way lower than the legal limit. Well OK, it might be legal to go topless in NYC, but it isn’t really on my list of things to do when say, going to work or seeing friends. So I put it down, and there it sat.

Until earlier this summer, when I ripped out the neck and started it over. And finished it fairly quickly, and sewed the top button on. Yay! It was done!

But did I blog about it? No. Did I wear it? No. I don’t really love knits in hot summer. So why do I keep knitting them? I don’t know.

I finally wore Cherry a couple of weeks ago. I’m not entirely happy with how I look in it, so no model photos. It’s a lovely sweater, but I have a few pounds I need to drop, and the button holes need to be reinforced as one of the top buttons kept opening on me. But here it is, in rare natural light.


So don’t say I never offer you any FOs.

I’m almost done with the latest Ribby Cardi – and a visit from a friend tonight should give me enough knitting time to finish the second sleeve. The second Jaywalker? Well, nearly done too, but let’s say my enthusiasm is low on that one. Now excuse me so I can go sit in front of the air conditioner. Yes, it’s October in NYC. Beach, anyone?

4 Responses to “A long ago FO”

I am betting you look gorgeous in it… you always do 🙂
And yeah… totally Ill see you at the beach this weekend (cause really WTF??)

The sweater is beautiful! Love the color, too.

Super Kyooot! That is a very great color. To offer an answer about knitting summer knits- No Sleeves!

aww that’s adorable! The color is one of my favorites and the pattern & tie add a lot of visual interest. Looks great–way to go!

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