So very shortly after coming home from Rhinebeck Sunday night, I cast on for the Hourglass sweater. A mindless stockinette knit in the round is great for TV watching. I’ve been working on it a bit each night and though I haven’t gotten TOO far, it’s still a bunch of knitting with 174 stitches. And here we have why I swore off variegated yarns – the inevitable pooling into stripes.


It’s decision making time. Rip now, before I get too far, and change needle sizes? Will going up one needle size make a difference in the pooling? Or leave it, because hey, stripes are in. What do you think? Opinions please.

3 Responses to “Frog Pond: Yay or Nay?”

the problem is what happens when you get to a place with reduced stitches. it might look fine where it is but once you get to shaping or decreases it may turn into diagonal blobs around the boobs instead of stripes. i find variegated yarns work much better knit flat / shorter repeats. you could always rewrite the pattern and do it that way.

i would definitely try going up a needle size. far easier than trying to knit from two large skeins alternating rows …

My two cents, it’s a pain I know but I think you must alternate skeins every couple rows. It’s for the best.

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