This is the third attempt at this sweater. At first I only ripped down to the 2 rows above the hemline and then tried the alternate skein method. I knit about 10 rows back up – and it was still kinda striping because I think I joined the second skein at a too-similar point. That, plus the gauge was starting to bother me. At first I didn’t care that I wasn’t getting gauge because I am between the first two sizes. But it started to feel a little too small.

So I ripped again, completely this time. Getting gauge now, I think. And since the first few rows are just facing and hemline – stuck with one skein on size 8s instead of 7. Pooling again but not as stripes. This time I’m getting big chunks of color – and I’m not entirely sure I hate it. It’s not what I envisioned but it kind of reminds me of an impressionist painting and I think it’s kind of cool. Will I think that the entire way up? It’s a crapshoot now – whether or not to attach that second skein. I think I may go a few more rows and see.


3 Responses to “And so…”

You can attach the second skein at any time, really…can’t you?

If the hourglass sweater has waist shaping, the pooling is bound to change anyway. If you like it as is, keep it! Trying to micro-manage pooling in a highly variegated yarn will just make you crazy. Crazier. 😉

I agree with Claudia about micromanaging the pooling, sometimes the best thing to do is embrace it. The yarn is lovely, stripes, pooling, and all.

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