Thanks to a gray, windy and cold Saturday (and a completely lazy Sunday in which I should have gone for a bike ride, but didn’t) I got up to the part of the Hourglass where you put the body down and work the sleeves. But, uh oh, I don’t own a 12″ circular in size 8. Or any other size but a 3 for that matter. And it didn’t even occur to me when I started the sweater that my Knitpicks Options kit would not have a 12″ cable. Nor do they even make one.

Oops. Time for DPNs, which I hate. But damn, I don’t own any size 8 DPNs either. Call Mom. Nope, she doesn’t have them. What to do now? I can’t get to a yarn store till midweek, and dammit, I want to start my sleeves.

Oh wait, there’s that thing that Michelle was doing. That magic loop thing that magically creates a circular needle that you don’t have. Yeah, that’s the ticket.



4 Responses to “Sleevage”

i like the stripeyness of the sleeve so far. 🙂

The stripeyness is great! And I love magic loop. So much easier to handle than the 12″ cable or dpns.

sleeve looks awesome! i am desperately trying to finish flicca before touching the licorice twist, but you’re making it hard for me!

Hooray, magic loop saves the day. Can’t wait to see it all put together.

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