I don’t know how a whole month has practically gone by. I’ve been busy Chez Blue – transforming my bathroom from a miserable place to one I don’t mind spending time in – all it took was a new coat of paint (in a similar color as before) – a new floor, some brighter linens, etc. I am an idiot and did not take good before photos. I don’t have a photo at all of my former towel storage/hamper – a 5 drawer chest made of cardboard and covered in fabric that was painted the wall color. I can’t believe I spent 14 years with cardboard furniture. Anyway, here are some befores – and some afters.

New floor in progress.
And now the afters.

It still needs some minor work but I’m so much happier with it now.

And look – there’s been knitting too. Hourglass is nearly done.


I hope to have it finished by this weekend.

8 Responses to “Lots of blue and green”

Genuinely impressed.
It looks fantastic.

Remarkable color harmony between renovation and knitting.


Nice bathroom and even nicer sweater. You did a great job on both.

I wouldn’t expect anything BUT blue and green from you, m’dear. The hourglass is looking fantastic – I love the different ways the colors worked out on the sleeves vs. the body.

Fab job – on both counts. I can’t wait to see the sweater on you !

very impressive job, dude! 🙂

Holy crap! HGTV will be calling soon. Nice work there decorator girl!

Is that seriously the same bathroom?!? My God!

And personally, I kinda like that pooling in the sweater too 😉

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