Something is up with my camera and I just can’t get a good shot of this. Doesn’t help that my apartment gets little light. So sorry for small and blurry – but for now will have to do. Here’s finished Hourglass.


I’m pretty pleased with it, the pooling isn’t too terrible and I love the tiny stripiness on both sleeves. It’s comfortable and easy (though doesn’t go with those pants too well, oops – it was just for this photo anyway) and I already cast on for another in a very soft alpaca I bought at Rhinebeck 3 years ago.

But I don’t have too much time for that right now as it’s present time of year and I just cast on the EZ February baby sweater all of
blogland has knit.


I know the color doesn’t scream BABY but I like classic neutrals on little girls. I might spice it up a bit with buttons and perhaps some flower ribbon rosettes on the yoke. Rule to follow though: do not try and knit even the easiest of lace whilst drinking white wine and watching marathon episodes of Wonderpets.

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so cute! i love it. now i’m really motivated to breeze through a couple of languishing items so i can cast on for mine.

That looks like you achieved a great fit!

looks great on you! fitted to a T 🙂

You’ll be surprised how cute the sweater turns out even with no baby colors or frou-frou. The pattern produce a beautiful result. If you’re on Ravelry, you might want to check out my project notes (ravelry name: melcauble) on the sweater. I tried to add some instructions that I had trouble figuring out. Hope it helps! (if you don’t need them because you’re smarter than me and can figure it out with little effort, please ignore me 🙂 I just provide them because I know some of the instructions are not intuitive)

Hourglass looks fantastic. Really fantastic. And girl, you’re looking mighty slim right there. Just sayin’.

White wine with light yarn is good planning though. I shudder to think about the alternative.

The sweater looks lovely on you. Or you look lovely in the sweater. Both I think.

that is about the best i’ve ever seen variegated yarn turn out. great job dude.

Hourglass looks great! Mine pooled/didn’t pool almost identically. And I love the classic neutral look for the February sweater – it’s such a vintage-y little cardigan and there’s plenty going on with the gull stitch lace, so a plain, quiet yarn shows it off beautifully.

Great Hourglass! Wear it well.

What a beautiful sweater! Thank you for posting it for everyone to see.

I really need to get working on my projects, I have 2 hats to finish before christmas! :O

I love drinking wine and knitting. Strange things can happen.

I too like the way the sleeves got the little stripes! Very Missoni look to that sweater.

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