A mellow week so far. I worked Monday but on Christmas Day my “vacation” started – that is, I refuse to do any work this week. It’s nice being your own boss sometimes. Mom came over for the day and we exchanged presents – that is, I gave her hers and she showed me what she ordered for me but they didn’t come in yet. We then resurrected an old family Christmas tradition – midtown and the decorations that make NY wonderful this time of year. We usually went Christmas Eve so it was dark and everything was lit, but this year we did it during the day and it was quite sunny, but still fun. And, just as I was lamenting the long ago loss of roasted chestnuts vendors – we found a hot dog vendor with chestnuts on his cart. It made for a nice snack on the long walk home. Here’s a highlight of the day:


That tree


A window at Saks Fifth Avenue


A window at Lord & Taylor (we liked these much better)


Mom looking winter chic

With all my free time this week – I meant to do a lot of knitting and quilting – I’m still working on that. I keep trapping myself by the computer anyway – and even more so soon as my new printer/scanner just arrived and I want to head to Apple to get the new Leopard OS – sigh. But a marathon of Season 1 of Bones has been getting me to sit still just a bit and look! It’s the first of the Rose’s wristwarmers from the luscious merino/cashmere (Karabella Margrite) that Michelle gave me.


The yarn isn’t easy to work with – it’s quite splitty which makes cabling without a cable needle a bit of a challenge, but it’s oh so soft and lovely. And before you ask, yes, I cast on for the second.

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How cute is your momma?!

Love those wristwarmers. Cashmere is ideal for those. I used sockwool for a pair I made, but cashmere would be so much nicer.

Love the day in the City. It looks so festive. Your photos of the storefront windows all decked up for the holidays are spectacular. I haven’t even been window walking yet this year… Maybe I’ll go tomorrow. Thanks for the inspiration. I love the mits. They look fab.

You have a much better boss than I do. That bitch is making me work.


Love the picture of your mom. And yay, wristwarmer! I know the yarn is so, so splitty. And it snags really easy too. Ask me how I know.

That sounds like a great way to spend the day! All that cabling is making me drool….

Your mom is so styling! Hey — have you shopped at Tekserve on West 23rd? They’re my go-to place for all things Apple. I find shopping at the Apple store to be terribly unpleasant, and I really enjoy shopping at Tekserve. They have the best customer service, and they don’t work on commision, so they won’t try to sell you anything.

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