I was hoping to have Ty’s sweater all finished and a photo of how great he looks in it. Truth is, it’s not done, though it is going to look great on him. I fit him yesterday, and all I have to do is finish the front sleeves on it.

But today he’s at the vet all day. He’s had a tiny little growth on one of his paw pads for a long time, I don’t even remember how long, and I never thought much of it because his pads (which are black) have patches of some light areas as well and it just looked like another discoloration. But when he came out of the groomer’s a couple of weeks ago, the groomer pointed it out to me. His paw fur had been so overgrown I hadn’t noticed that it had gotten bigger. Not huge, but bigger. So I made a vet appt. Everyone told me don’t worry, older dogs get things, it’s probably a wart, it’s nothing.

The vet however, felt it should come off and she used the word biopsy, which terrifies me. She mainly thought it should come off because it’s on his toe and if it gets bigger, will be walked on, scraped, etc. So he’s there now, under anesthesia, getting it removed, and getting his teeth cleaned while he’s knocked out. Me, I’m numb and a bundle of nerves all at once. I don’t like him being under anesthesia. I’m scared the foot thing might not be “nothing”.

So I don’t need a lot of comments or stories about dogs and lumps, but if you have one second today to just ask whoever rules this universe a favor, just ask that Ty gets through this OK and doesn’t have anything serious. Thanks.

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stay calm! it will be fine! i have faith in the dog gods!

He will be great. And then you will get to enjoy the awesomeness that is doggy drugged on anesthesia. Gracie had a ripped dewclaw removed last week, and when she came home she was so stoned that it took her 10 minutes to lay down. She would start and then get distracted and just kind of hang there. And then she just got pouty and mad – she’s a mean drunk.

Big kisses to Ty! (And hugs to you!)

The word “biopsy” sends me into such a tizzy so I know what you’re feeling right now. All the “it’s probably nothing”s in the world don’t matter when you’re just focused on the probability of “probably.” Keep me posted, K?

Hugs for you and your boy. You let us know if you need anything.

mwah – to you and ty. he will be great. thinking of you both.

You and Ty are in my thoughts tonight!

I’m thinking good thoughts, Jackie….mwah!

You got it, babe.

Good thoughts for you and Ty. Done! Hope the news is all fine.

I know it will probably be a few days before you get word of the results, but I’ll be sending good wishes for you and Ty the whole time.

Its past the day of your dogs surgery, but when I surfed into your blog, I asked God to bless your fuzzy friend! There is nothing in this world as pure and good as a dog’s soul! I’m sure your pooch will fare well.

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