Yes, there are two. Maybe even 3 by week’s end. This is the sweater I knit for Ty out of leftover Peruvian Highland Chunky. I had made my Starsky out of this and it was only after I finished the sweater that I thought I should have put the Starsky banana leaf pattern down the back instead of a plain cable. Then we’d match. Oh well,

The sweater is my own “design” and really was extremely easy to do and now that I have it worked out in his size, I’m sure to make more. (note: that little superhero bandage is now off, and except for a shaved naked foot, he’s as good as new. Nevermind that he had me up and out walking at both 5:10 a.m. after going to bed at 1:30, and again at 7:15. Poor boy ate something bad yesterday, I think.)


3 Responses to “First FO of the week”

awww, such a cute sweater! glad ty is ok.

Love that sweater.

That is super cute. I hope the little monkey is letting you sleep again!

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