I hate these socks.

I finally finished the Jaywalkers I started oh so long ago. I had to reknit that first sock to make them bigger because the Jaywalkers are so not stretchy and I couldn’t get it over my heel. When I loosened them up, the stripes became much wider.

I hate them. I hate the colors, which looked great in the skein but crappy knit up in big stripes. I hate the big stripes. I hate that the two socks don’t match AT ALL – one has thin yellow and the other fat yellow stripes.  I hate the pattern, which makes a tight non-stretchy fabric. I hate everything about them but the feel – the Sock Garden is nice and soft and warm. It’s a good thing I wear mostly boots. I will wear my ugly socks in my boots, and rarely have to look at them, and instead will see the silver lining, a warm sock that feels nice once I actually get them on.

Sigh. So much hate. But it is Monday, after all.

2 Responses to “FO #4”

Dude! I give you lots of points for finishing them! Everytime I’ve knit a jaywalker I’ve been hit with SSS, not to ention the whole icky varigated yarn thing. I’m impressed!

And so, the reign of a evil dread lord socks of hatred comes to an end… you need to start something lovely, decadent and wonderful now.

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