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Season’s Greetings!

Posted by jackie blue on December 24th, 2007

Mid-September? Really?

Posted by jackie blue on September 11th, 2007

I had this post planned a week ago. Over a week ago. Really. I just got completely slammed with work – the stay up at the computer till 1:30 a.m. kind of work. Every night. Since Labor Day ended.

Oh yeah, Labor Day. We were blessed, after having the crappiest weather ever on my birthday weekend, to have 3 glorious beautiful days in a row. Days like I don’t remember ever having on Labor Day weekend. I took off (right, you’re supposed to commemorate the Labor, not actually do it) and so did my mom (yes, we were both supposed to work that day) and headed to the beach with our knitting. That’s right, knitting. Mine looked like this for much of the weekend.


A wonderful blue sky, no?

My mom forgot her cable needle and she’s not a fan of the needless method of cabling – so a seagull was nice enough to lend her a hand. or a wing.


It was a great weekend, for sure. I’m sad summer’s over. I know, it isn’t till 9/23, but it’s all rainy now. And the beach days are gone for me.

I’ve been cooking some lately. Here’s some Tomato Bread Soup from Bill Telepan and Dimply Plum Cake from Dorie Greenspan. Unfortunately, I left the cake out on the counter covered (because who wants cold coffee cake?) and this morning found it all moldy. There was half a cake left. Bye cake.


The pets have been good – but I think Kennedy may be annoyed that I work so much and he’s taking it out on the dog.


In more knitting news, I’ve picked up my ribby cardi again and did 3/4 of a sleeve on my 3 day weekend. I guess maybe that’ll be my Rhinebeck sweater. Hey, RHINEBECK. That’s coming up really soon, ain’t it.

In final news for today, I’m contemplating this purchase now that beach weekends are over. Should I?


Aran Update

Posted by jackie blue on December 14th, 2006

There’s been knitting going on, not that you’d really know it from this blog. But here’s the progress on the Aran Pullover – we have a fully washed and blocked back (fondly known as “my swatch”), and one sleeve. Second sleeve is in progress on the left.


The photo doesn’t do it justice. Washing has definitely softened it up and I think I’ve gained enough inches in the width. I’m a little hesitant about the sleeves being a bit tight around the wrist but I think I can block it a bit wider.

In other knitting, the second knee sock is coming along slowly. I really need to step up the pace on that one as there are many other socks waiting in the wings, and I’m wearing out the few hand knits socks I already have because I don’t like wearing anything else anymore. Spoiled! That means I have to knit more more more. And those ruffles? Hmmph. Haven’t touched them.

In sewing news, I practiced quilting for one pillow, but not very happy with the results. I cut the pieces for my curtains, but haven’t sewn them yet. Sigh. There really is so much going on in the next week it may be awhile.

And lastly, in pet news, Ty got really sick of all the bird talk around here. He insisted on showing off his new Holiday  Do.


Kennedy had a visitor

Posted by jackie blue on December 8th, 2006


And it appears that he and Ms. Too Much Wool are now in love. I’ll keep you posted on the nuptials.