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First FO of the week

Posted by jackie blue on January 28th, 2008

Yes, there are two. Maybe even 3 by week’s end. This is the sweater I knit for Ty out of leftover Peruvian Highland Chunky. I had made my Starsky out of this and it was only after I finished the sweater that I thought I should have put the Starsky banana leaf pattern down the back instead of a plain cable. Then we’d match. Oh well,

The sweater is my own “design” and really was extremely easy to do and now that I have it worked out in his size, I’m sure to make more. (note: that little superhero bandage is now off, and except for a shaved naked foot, he’s as good as new. Nevermind that he had me up and out walking at both 5:10 a.m. after going to bed at 1:30, and again at 7:15. Poor boy ate something bad yesterday, I think.)


Project Update

Posted by jackie blue on January 8th, 2008

So far in 2008, I’ve been as crafty as I can be. I’m not going to do one of those 2007 year in a review posts, nor am I going to do a new year’s resolution one. I do have a couple of resolutions that I will say, though – one is to post here at least once a week even if I don’t have much to say (that’s when ABC photos or photos of cute pets will surface) and the other is to see friends as much as possible. The year got off to a good start that way, getting together last weekend with some of my favorite local people, a visiting friend, and a hopefully new friend.

Knitting projects I’ve posted about are still in progress, nothing new to report there. I’ve taken up some of my free time starting a new quilt, this one a gift. Another log cabin, because they are easy, pretty, and quick. The fun of this one was shopping in Cassie’s closet for the fabric. The top is nearly done – it will be lap sized due to my floor constraints – and I need to go get batting this week.


A new knitting project I haven’t photographed yet – a quickie sweater for my pup. Ty had a pretty extreme haircut last week when it was 16 degrees, and although he does have winter coats, his only sweater (not knitted by me, the horror) is too small. I felt my boy should have some handknits, so I’m working on a sweater for him out of the brown Highland Chunky that no one wanted in a recent swap. Of course it’s nearly 70 degrees (!) today. But that will change. And since I promised Claudia, a cute photo of Ty with his spiffy new do.


Hopefully next photo of him will have him wearing the sweater.

The week around here

Posted by jackie blue on December 27th, 2007

A mellow week so far. I worked Monday but on Christmas Day my “vacation” started – that is, I refuse to do any work this week. It’s nice being your own boss sometimes. Mom came over for the day and we exchanged presents – that is, I gave her hers and she showed me what she ordered for me but they didn’t come in yet. We then resurrected an old family Christmas tradition – midtown and the decorations that make NY wonderful this time of year. We usually went Christmas Eve so it was dark and everything was lit, but this year we did it during the day and it was quite sunny, but still fun. And, just as I was lamenting the long ago loss of roasted chestnuts vendors – we found a hot dog vendor with chestnuts on his cart. It made for a nice snack on the long walk home. Here’s a highlight of the day:


That tree


A window at Saks Fifth Avenue


A window at Lord & Taylor (we liked these much better)


Mom looking winter chic

With all my free time this week – I meant to do a lot of knitting and quilting – I’m still working on that. I keep trapping myself by the computer anyway – and even more so soon as my new printer/scanner just arrived and I want to head to Apple to get the new Leopard OS – sigh. But a marathon of Season 1 of Bones has been getting me to sit still just a bit and look! It’s the first of the Rose’s wristwarmers from the luscious merino/cashmere (Karabella Margrite) that Michelle gave me.


The yarn isn’t easy to work with – it’s quite splitty which makes cabling without a cable needle a bit of a challenge, but it’s oh so soft and lovely. And before you ask, yes, I cast on for the second.

Yes, another post

Posted by jackie blue on December 21st, 2007

So a week or so ago my friends and I had a little yarn swap. My stash is taking over my apartment and I have not only boxes in the closet, but what looks like a body bag in my living room. Really, it’s not pretty. So I was glad to partake in a swap but I had a feeling most of what I wanted to part with was not the most desirable stuff. I was kind of right. A couple of things did go but on the most part I came home with the big tote of stuff I came with.

Uh, and more. I wasn’t supposed to bring home MORE.

But boy, what a score. See this little pile of black cashcotton DK? Well, it’s not really a little pile. I got 20 balls of this stuff. Woo!


I also took some lovely Shaeffer Anne. I love Anne, it makes such cuddly socks. And I do have some room for sock yarn, now that my bathroom renovation left me this piece to either part with or use.


I also took a haul of fabric home but we’ll save that for yet another post.

I’m hoping to work very little, if at all, between Christmas and New Year’s, so my goal is to get all the stash into Ravelry, and maybe even use some up. That’d be nice.