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Yarn = pretty

Posted by jackie blue on August 23rd, 2007

Thanks for the birthday wishes. It was a pretty mellow birthday this year – I had to work a long day so it was rather unbirthday-like. That is, until late night when my friends Brett and Erin took me for a mexican dinner complete with margaritas, champagne, and tres leches cake. YUM, I say.


I just got my sock yarn and aren’t these the prettiest colors? It makes me really want Fall now. Oh wait, it is fall now. Not really, but the weather gods have decided that August in NY needs to be more like Seattle or something. It’s been rainy, gray, downright cold. No offense at all to Seattle which is a lovely city. But my beach birthday weekend was thwarted, and I am beginning to wonder if it the last 2 weekends left will have any sun. But anyway, if I only had time to knit, I’d really want to start a pair with one of these. I promised myself I’d finish the jawalkers first. After all, I need those needles for a new pair.

OK, ok

Posted by jackie blue on August 16th, 2007

So my friend Lindsay was clamoring for a post here but she’s off galavanting Europe so will she even read it? No, but maybe the one or two of you left will.


I finally finished that second Jaywalker, up two needle sizes – and ripped out the first one. Here’s the finish. Yes, I have tiny feet. And it didn’t stripe anywhere near as nicely. But I cast on for the other one already and hopefully by the end of the month I’ll have a pair of somewhat ugly socks. You know what? I am so over the variegated yarn socks. Except maybe Trekking. Oh yeah, I still have a pair of THOSE unfinished. But I decided, since socks are all I have patience for lately, that I’d rather do solids. I broke my “I don’t even want any yarn” mantra to order 3 colors from Knitpicks, and pretty solid socks with cool knit patterns are in my future.

What else? Oh, just enjoying (or trying, today’s weather sucks) what’s left of summer. Three more beach weekends, and this weekend is supposed to be a high in the mid 70s. Oops. I guess it’ll be cool on the beach but who cares, I’m going.

I’ve been enjoying local summer produce. Last night’s dinner was sooooo easy and delicious. Sauteed summer vegetables with seared scallops, all from the greenmarket. How I love being two blocks away.


The rest is all work, work, work. As soon as summer weekends are over though, out comes that sewing machine.

Remember this sock?

Posted by jackie blue on July 17th, 2007

Well, after over a year I decided to pick it up again. I needed something small and portable for commute and beach knitting. My camisole is up to the fiddley straps and edging stage, and another top I really need to finish needs a whole neck redone, and I’ve been far too busy with work to deal with any of those, so a sock made sense. I whipped it out, I knit more leg, I got to the heel and finished that.And then I decided to try it on. I don’t know what I was thinking when I started this sock. I used #0s. I now had a pretty striped sock (a fluke, it’s not really self striping yarn) but I couldn’t get the damn thing over my foot. WAY too tight. Damn Damn Damn.

I have now started sock #2 on #2s. I doubt it will stripe like this. The band is pooling weirdly. But whatever.

If this works out, I will rip sock #1 and redo. Live and learn.

I hope to dig myself out of work hell soon. I have knitting AND sewing to catch up on – not to mention some photographing so I can blog a bit more. Wouldn’t that be a novelty?

Random Wednesday Stuff

Posted by jackie blue on June 20th, 2007

I’ve been waiting to get a better photo of this before I posted, and look what happens, weeks go by. So you’re stuck with this one. This is the little top I started last year and finally got to finish a few weeks ago. It’s Butterick B4549, and the fabric is Denyse Schmidt Flea Market Fancy collection.


In knitting, well that’s going really slowly. I just can’t get motivated lately, but I just got into Ravelry, so I hope that I get more inspired. Now I have to photograph all my stash, document projects, etc. Hmmm…I can’t even find time to blog. Here’s where I am with the ballet camisole.


Other than that, I have been sick (didn’t even go in to my onsite job yesterday) and watching lots of TV – namely Doctor Who and the first season of Roswell. That should be good knitting time, but curling up with the pup is so much more theraputic.

More soon! Really!