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The Race is kinda on hold

Posted by jackie blue on March 2nd, 2007

I’m sure you expected to see at least ONE of the finished items by now. Yeah, me too. But then Monday night, I’m sitting and sewing the binding on my quilt (after a full day of computer work) and I move to get up and BAM, my shoulder is stabbing me with pain and it’s going up into my neck and down all the way to my fingers. Now, I have a history of neck pain but this isn’t it – it almost feels like my shoulder is dislocated. It HURT. I spent that entire night tossing and turning and crying out in bed – I couldn’t sleep at all. Lots of Ben Gay and Momentum pills were bought the next morning.

I should have known something was coming up because I’ve been having intermittent dull aching in my arm. Hello, computer! Hello, sewing and knitting!

So it’s Friday and the real pain is mostly gone except for waking up in the morning stiff and hurty – and it’s really uncomfortable for me to spend a long time on the computer (which sucks – I have a ton of work to do) and I can’t knit or sew for much more than a half hour at a time. I have an appt. next Wed. at an orthopedist and we’ll see. In the meanwhile, the green Lisette sweater seems to be winning. Don’t even get me started on the Aran pullover sleeves – those are going to need massive help once all seamed to get rid of a huge pocket of extra material (what on earth was Interweave thinking – letting a pattern go in with such wack shaping) – and the quilt binding will hopefully be done in a few days.



Posted by jackie blue on January 30th, 2007

So last week I noticed that I had knit 3 of the cables on my Aran Pullover in the wrong direction. Oops. There goes 4 inches of that sweater, so progress is even slower than usual. I’m knitting it back up now (slow at work) and my goal is to have a new sweater by weekend, but we shall see.

I also don’t like the toe on my second Trekking sock. I started out with less stitches than the first sock by accident, and even if you’d never see any difference on my foot, the difference off it is bugging me. I’m also about 4 inches into that sock, but tempted to add that to the frog pile and start over.

All this ripping doesn’t leave much to show. I did another blanket square (up to 8 now) but how interesting is that?

In other news, the toilet was back after a few hours, so fear not. The sofa however, won’t be fixed until April. I decided not to get a new sofa after the one I considered ended up being impossible to open by one less-than-burly person, and a new one just like mine would cost twice as much, and the same amount of time, as fixing mine. So, for now I’ve devised a system of closing it that involves duct tape and brute force (and yesterday, a painfully injured finger) but at least I can sleep on my bed every night and then close it just on days where I’ll have people over and don’t want a bed taking over my apartment.

That’s really it. I don’t even have a cute animal photo today.

Special 14th Edition

Posted by jackie blue on January 25th, 2007

14. My super just took my toilet. I have no bed, I have no toilet. The fun never ends around here.

Thursday Thirteen

Posted by jackie blue on January 25th, 2007

1. I have finally come down with the plague that everyone in NY seems to have/had. Pass the Sudafed!

2. Which Walgreens wouldn’t sell me just now because I left my picture ID home.

3. I broke my sofabed frame yesterday morning and now have to either have it repaired or buy a new sofa, either of which is going to take weeks and that means sleeping on the sofa itself (really cramped, especially with dog) or on a feather bed on my floor. Just in time for a weekend guest arriving soon.

4. Said guest is going to spend a weekend quilting with me, so I just ordered a new sewing machine with all the necessary feet. Can’t wait!

5. Knitting is coming along but nothing in a changed enough state to be worth taking photos of. I’m on the second Trekking sock.

6. I’m expecting the second “new” refrigerator to arrive this week, I hope. The first “new” one that I was given 2 weeks ago is making nasty noises.

7. This Ronnybrook blueberry/pomegranate yogurt drink is pretty yummy.

8. I’ve got 10 eps left of the Six Feet Under series box to watch. Guess I’ll be doing that while suffering from plague.

9. I’m falling pretty behind on my 100 miles by April 1st goal, but I am not feeling very gym motivated today.

10. It’s really hard to think of 13 things on a slow week.

11. I blame my plague on falling behind on my winter Clementine eating. I have a box here to save me from further suffering.

12. I need to go out again to the drugstore.

13. Whew.