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I gots nothing

Posted by jackie blue on January 15th, 2007

Really. I guess I could babble endlessly about day to day crap like my 13+ year old refrigerator finally getting replaced (with a model probably about 10 years old, but hey, with an actual separate freezer instead of the tiny inside unit my other one had) and how the “new” one has been making this horrible clanking sound whenever the compressor shuts off so now I have to try and get that taken care of, either with a technician coming or my super giving me yet another unit. But that’s pretty boring, don’t you think?

Or I can post about the 4 or so inches I added to the Aran pullover over a marathon of Six Feet Under yesterday. But that’s just more of the same cabling, nothing to see here, folks. I can post about the Trekking sock, now at the ankle, and how I don’t love my too square Turkish cast on with the side points too prominent, or how I made it just a bit too big for my foot but thankfully when it’s on, the heel wraps up enough that it fits OK, or how the first row of my heel pattern got messed up and I did two rows in a row of slip stitches so now I have to do that to the second sock too, but hey, I don’t have any pics to show so that’s kinda dull too.

Or I can whine about how I have to work at the newspaper today when most of this county is languishing in a long weekend, but I guess since I barely worked last week I really can’t complain too much. Right now any work is good.

So really, nothing to say. The Golden Globes are tonight and I look forward to that. It takes so little to amuse me.

Traumatic Tuesday

Posted by jackie blue on January 9th, 2007

The day is starting out great. I walk to Union Square and put Ty in his bag and head down to the subway. I’m wearing a wide legged cuffed pant, and somewhat pointy but thank god, flat, boots. On the way down the stairs, a boot tip gets caught in the cuff of the other leg and I trip.

Ty is on my shoulder, bag slung to the back. As you might know, my dog is not a little toy bag dog. He’s a good sized animal and with my handbag, I’ve got about 30 lbs. on my shoulder. As I fall, the bag swings forward.

Somehow, I grab the rail, and I don’t fall more than a couple of steps. My knee hits a step but I’m OK. Miraculously, Ty doesn’t fly off my shoulder and doesn’t hit too hard when the bag lands.

We could have both ended up in the hospital this morning. I shook on the train platform.

So I get to work, and the coffee is cold because the pot was left on a desk instead of the hot plate, and a page that needed a quick fix blew up in my face and needed to be completely done over.

What else, today, I ask you?

Oh yeah, knitting. I started a simple toe up sock out of Trekking 108. It’s mindless, so I’m nearly up to the heel. I did another square of the baby blanket – square count now up to 6. The Aran Pullover is slowly chugging along. Don’t even mention ruffles.


Posted by jackie blue on November 1st, 2006

After 25 of various car ownership and 16 years with my current car, I am carless. My mother just called, she just sold it. It sat on her lot for ages, unused except for the occasional dinner out near her place in the summers, and months would go by without it being driven. I don’t need a car in Manhattan. I rarely leave town to a place I’d need to drive. The car had lost most of it’s shine due to sitting in sea/salt air, and the paint job was atrocious, so I was embarrassed to even be seen in it. It leaked from damage from a long ago hurricane. The interior was drying up. But yet, she just called to tell me this and I burst into tears.


Bye car. I will really miss you.

Worst thing is, she sold it to someone who works in her building. It will remain in our parking spot till he fixes it up, and I will probably see it again when it is lovely and new looking. And it won’t be mine. Sniff.

*disclaimer – the photo above is the same model/color of my car, but not my actual car. Can you believe I don’t even have a photo to remember it by? sniff.

Starsky is done but due to warmth and laziness, didn’t take any photos yet.

Random Tuesday musings

Posted by jackie blue on October 10th, 2006

I’m really glad I chose to alter Starsky’s sleeves to have the cable pattern instead of plain stockinette. Almost done with sleeve #1 thanks to weekend knitting with friends and a slow couple of days at the Mon/Tues. job. Will she be done with this in 10 days? One never knows. One doubts though.

Baby birds don’t necessarily love a bath the first time so putting them under a running faucet might not be the best introduction. (Don’t worry, he’s fine!)

Both my pairs of folding knitting scissors have disappeared. Really have no idea where they are.

One should not leave their cell phone in a jacket pocket when it’s going to be a warm day the next day. Currently without phone.

There’s nothing like a Tuscan bean soup, even when the weather suddenly becomes too warm for soup.

I’m really liking the new Decemberists album.

It’s a good TV night tonight.