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Focusing on the good

Posted by jackie blue on September 11th, 2006

Today could be one of those really depressing days. The skies are clear and blue and sunny and it is lovely and cool, but there’s a black cloud hanging over everyone in NYC today, and really, anywhere. I’m going to think about nothing but GOOD things today.

  • Despite his needing to go out at 5 a.m. today, Ty is really the best dog in the world.
  • My new bird is arriving next Sunday. This time, he WILL be on the plane.
  • Heather got married on Saturday under sunny skys and surrounded by beautiful flowers and happy faces, and she looked so beautiful and happy. And I had a pretty new dress on.
  • We have tickets to go to a Buffy The Musical sing-along. Seriously, little can make me smile more.
  • Starsky is coming along very nicely.
  • I met my friend’s new puppy yesterday, a 35 lb. sheepdog puppy.
  • Rhinebeck is coming up in just a little over a month.
  • My comments email here is fixed, and my new blog is underway and should be done soon.
  • I just ordered new shoes. I love new shoes.
  • Fall TV starts soon and really, that’s something to look forward to.
  • A skirt, a dress, a birthday and an anniversary

    Posted by jackie blue on August 20th, 2006

    I can’t believe I haven’t posted in over 2 weeks. I am ashamed. There’s been a lot of work going on and not a lot of knitting or anything like that. Can you believe I haven’t even finished Cherry? Only a button band and seaming is left and I can’t get my act together enough to do it. By the time I do, it will surely be Fall. Good thing that still means warm enough weather for it.
    So I promised the second skirt photo ages ago and here’s the best I could muster. It’s the Cute Skirts pattern from Favorite Things, and has an elasticized band so it’s pretty easy and comfy to grab on a hot day.


    Then, I made a dress! It’s a lined wrap front top with a full skirt and sash, from New Look. I finished it yesterday, in time for today, which just happens to my birthday and I just happen to be going out with friends for some Hawaiian fare and fruity drinks. Here’s a bad headless photo.


    Lastly, today is 4 years with the best dog in the entire world. And Ty’s honorary birthday too, since he won’t tell me when it really IS.

    Promise I’ll post again before 2 weeks is up.

    One of those lists yet again

    Posted by jackie blue on August 2nd, 2006

    I am SWAMPED with work. Thus, a brief overview of the last week since I posted.

    1. Still haven’t taken a decent photo of skirt #2, but wore it twice now. Haven’t sewed anything since.
    2. Very close to finishing second sleeve of Cherry, then just seaming, button bands, and waist tie.
    3. Started the ballet tank from Magknits in Shine, just to have a mindless TV project.
    4. Celebrated my mother’s 80th birthday with a nice dinner, a baseball game (Go Cyclones!) and much beaching.
    5. Had a nice dinner with visiting friend Ayelet who lives way too far away these days.
    6. Have been holed up in either office or home, working working working, escaping 100 degree heat as much as possible.
    7. No Carolyn, I haven’t gone to the gym.
    8. Nor have I had many moments to myself to even email you and nag. So sorry.
    9. Been in contact with bird breeder – too hot to ship – waiting for a new clutch of babies to feather so we know if there’s a male for me again.
    10. Rubbing dog’s tummy as much as possible to distract him from not going to the park lately.


    Posted by jackie blue on May 2nd, 2006

    I think I, like many of my blogging friends, am bored with my blog. It doesn’t help that my knitting monogamy lately has kept posts to a minimum, since 10 more lines on the same project just isn’t that exciting to blog about. It doesn’t help that I sometimes work on things that I can’t blog because it might be a gift and the recipient might read this. It doesn’t help that I’ve been too burnt lately to post about things that aren’t knitting related.
    I’ve been blogging for quite awhile. In fact, just a couple of weeks ago I let my 4th Blogiversary completely go by, uncelebrated. I completely forgot about it. That’s ennui to the highest order.
    And like others who have perhaps been bored with their blogs, I don’t really want to stop blogging. This blog has brought so many wonderful things, so many nice people into my life. I wouldn’t ever want to lose that.
    So I think maybe I just need to shake things up a bit. I’ve been considering migrating to another blogging system and with that, I have a redesign in my mind. I know my project gallery sure needs a whole lot of updating. And maybe a fresh face will give me renewed interest. Actual work will probably get in the way so I don’t expect this to happen overnight. But look to this page for changes in the coming weeks. And maybe some actual knitting.
    For a brief update on things around here: Alice now has a sleeve in progress, Ty had a bath and looks very white and fluffy, I walked the Central Park loop with Jenn this weekend for the first time in ages and I think being more active in general is going to really wake me up. One can only hope.