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One of those lists again

Posted by jackie blue on April 20th, 2006

I’m just so tired of seeing that pasta post (my blog is my browser home page) so here’s what’s been going on.

1) The weather has been extraordinary, so Ty and I have been spending a lot of time basking in the breeze on benches in the dog run. Morning and night, I figure we’ve been there about 4 hours of each day.
2) I am on a quest for a cute spring/summer bag that isn’t a fortune. So far I only love one, but I can’t get myself to spend $300 for STRAW.
3) Work has really slowed down, which is nice for gym going and shopping, but a little worrisome as to how I will have enough money for the next few months if I keep shopping.
4) I have been shopping. I need spring clothes that fit.
5) I started going back to the gym, so my old spring clothes will someday fit.
6) I have done precious little knitting. Alice has half a left front, but I am too distracted.
7) There’s still no new bird in the Blue household. Isn’t Spring when all these birds are supposed to hatch?
8) My dog really needs a bath again.
9) I really need to blog more often, so I might ramble on about things other than knitting.
10) I’d really like a Margarita.

Jack is not THAT dull

Posted by jackie blue on April 4th, 2006

Thanks to those who offered pity on my long work days. But fear not, although my weekdays have generally been hell lately, I do make sure to have weekends. At least one of those weekend days is reserved for friends and this weekend, I was lucky to have two. A nice brunch on Saturday with friends Thea and Peter and their adorable 8 month old boy was followed with a bit of shopping to help usher in the Spring weather. Which, by the way, is gone today. Welcome to NYC.

Sunday I went to The Point to spend some quality time with the visiting Kate and her adorable Tadpole, along with other local friends including Valentina and HER cutie-pie, Squeeky. Yes my friends, it was a baby packed weekend. You could die from the cuteness.

My own bit of cute, Ty, reminded me it was back to the grind of the weekdays yesterday when my dog walker called to tell me he’d stolen and eaten something in a yellow wrapper. I came home to find that he had completely devoured a packet of TetraMin fish food. And left me the remnants of the packet, everywhere. I guess he wants to be a fish. I’m going to test that theory when I throw him in a bathtub of water some time soon.

In small knitting news, I did finish the back of Alice, and socializing Sunday resulted in about 7 inches of left front, when not holding babies. I may not have this done before summer, but I’m getting somewhere.

Groundhog Day

Posted by jackie blue on February 2nd, 2006

Remember the movie Groundhog Day, when Bill Murray is forced to relive the same day over and over? Well that’s been my life lately. Wake up, check email, walk the dog, come back and feed dog, make coffee, eat breakfast, read blogs a little while and get to work. Work either consists of many ads for an unnamed magazine or layouts for a newspaper supplement with some web design thrown in here and there. Forget to eat lunch. Don’t make it to the gym. Walk dog in early evening with a visit to Fed Ex thrown in a couple of times a week. Come home. Order in dinner because I’ve been too busy to cook – so much for resolutions. Collapse in front of TV, make attempts at knitting, decide I’m too tired, and basically veg till the dog’s bed time walk. Rinse and repeat. I’m sorry I’m boring y’all to death.

Speaking of groundhogs, Puxatawney Phil DID see his shadow, which means 6 more weeks of…what? We haven’t had winter yet. So 6 more weeks of unseasonably warm weather that will make sure I get little use of my brand new down coat? Don’t they call that SPRING?

OK – I’ll give you a small knitting update. Tubey has most of a sleeve and I’ll start on the second one tonight. My sock has little more to go before the toe shaping and they’re done. At least Tuesdays in the office give me some quality sock knitting time. The weekend looks promising for knitting if I could just FOCUS and stay off the computer.