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The Girl Reaction Intensive 2 Day Quilting Course

Posted by jackie blue on February 12th, 2007

A.K.A. The Sweatshop – Day 1

So Carolyn arrived on Friday but quilt making commenced Saturday morning. After breakfast we whipped out the ironing and cutting boards and piecing began. I had already washed the fabric the day before. C oversaw all my cutting of many strips (we used Make a Log Cabin in a Day which she most generously had sent to my apartment that day along with a few tools, like a stilletto and Kwip Clip for safety pins) and then the piecing. I ended up sewing, ironing and cutting for 12 hours, with breaks for a quick lunch, an ordered-in dinner, and a dog walk. Quilt in a DAY? This is just a baby sized, I can’t even imagine finishing a queen in a day, unless you have 6 people working on it. At the end of the day, I had the top finished minus a border. Carolyn is a great teacher – it was so much fun and I love how the top came out. Details on the next day tomorrow!

Piecing the beginning of the blocks.
Cutting apart the strips.
Sewing the last color on the blocks.
The carnage after all that piecing.
A nearly finished quilt top!

Future Quilt

Posted by jackie blue on February 4th, 2007


Posted by jackie blue on February 2nd, 2007


Posted by jackie blue on January 31st, 2007

It was fun to have the other machine for awhile. I made a dress, 2 skirts, some curtains, a pillow top. It definitely does what it needs to do but it’s extremely basic and didn’t have the necessary things I’d need if I want to start quilting. Which I am going to try. So, my new machine.


It’s definitely not a “serious quilter” but it has everything – the walking foot, quilting guide, wide table, soon to have 1/4 foot. It’ll make buttonholes without having to learn how to do it manually. It’ll auto thread, so maybe I won’t curse as much when the thread breaks like it did OVER AND OVER on the other one (I know, it’s the tension plus my sewing speed, and I am still a beginner so could never get it quite right).

I’m excited. And scared! All the settings! All the feet! I will have to practice tonight.