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Stuff for a Random Wednesday

Posted by jackie blue on December 6th, 2006

So I figured that getting rid of a light colored, floral chair and putting in this big leather thing would make my apartment rather dark and a little masculine (despite the floral rug and ivy on the walls). I don’t get much light so it’s dark in here as it is. Time for some weekend sewing coming up, and adding more splashes of color.


This gorgeous fabric, Amy Butler’s Sunbloom, will replace my solid boring beigey curtains. Doesn’t it look great with the rug colors?


More Amy, fat quarters from the Charm collection. This will become several throw pillows. I might even try doing some quilting patterns for them.

Coming in the mail tomorrow is a rotary cutter with ruler and board. Can’t wait to prettify the apartment some.

A skirt, a dress, a birthday and an anniversary

Posted by jackie blue on August 20th, 2006

I can’t believe I haven’t posted in over 2 weeks. I am ashamed. There’s been a lot of work going on and not a lot of knitting or anything like that. Can you believe I haven’t even finished Cherry? Only a button band and seaming is left and I can’t get my act together enough to do it. By the time I do, it will surely be Fall. Good thing that still means warm enough weather for it.
So I promised the second skirt photo ages ago and here’s the best I could muster. It’s the Cute Skirts pattern from Favorite Things, and has an elasticized band so it’s pretty easy and comfy to grab on a hot day.


Then, I made a dress! It’s a lined wrap front top with a full skirt and sash, from New Look. I finished it yesterday, in time for today, which just happens to my birthday and I just happen to be going out with friends for some Hawaiian fare and fruity drinks. Here’s a bad headless photo.


Lastly, today is 4 years with the best dog in the entire world. And Ty’s honorary birthday too, since he won’t tell me when it really IS.

Promise I’ll post again before 2 weeks is up.

Finished Skirt #1

Posted by jackie blue on July 17th, 2006

OK, my first skirt attempt. The Pattern is New Look 6410 #A, the fabric is the ubiquitous Denyse Schmidt quilting fabric. So the ribbon trim took 2 tries and the zipper took 3, but who’s counting?


Despite the *easy on the pattern sleeve, I think this might have been slightly ambitious for a very first project. The low yoke waist and ribbon trim were a little tricky for a first timer, not to mention the invisible zipper. I ordered the special foot since my (older, used) machine came only with a regular zipper foot, and I wasn’t going there even though my mother has always done invisible zippers that way.
I’m happy with it. Perhaps more so than with my second skirt, which needs to be hemmed before it’s photographed. That one was easy, with an elastic waist, but those waists aren’t so big on the flattering.

Sewing is not good for the ego

Posted by jackie blue on July 6th, 2006

There hasn’t been much knitting lately – Cherry needs sleeves and button bands, but sewing has been in full swing. Not that I have anything to show for it, yet, except a big old headache.

This past year I have gained a bunch of weight. I went from a size 2 to a 6 in most cases, and although I’m at my heaviest ever (this is hard to even type) I am still, by most American standards, a relatively small person. I went from slim to “average”, say. So imagine my surprise when I purchase all these sewing patterns and I am nearly off the charts in some of the sizing. I know, I’ve said for years now that clothing companies do all this “vanity sizing” and that today’s 0 and 2 were once a 4 and 6. So, it’s easy to understand why I might have entered double digits in the pattern world. At the top of the charts though, that’s been kind of hard to um….swallow.

Last weekend at my mother’s we did a practice run with one of my skirt patterns and some scrap fabric. Being it was my first time sewing a garment, she helped with the cutting and pinning where I should sew seams. We cut a 14 based on wacky package measurements. At some point, we deemed it a bit too loose and took in seams. There isn’t much to show on that practice piece yet – it hasn’t a zipper and the hem needs redoing, but I got excited enough to start on my own with purchased fabric.

July 4th I stayed in all day and cut and sewed. My machine works a bit differently than my mother’s so there was that handicap. And, I cut a size 12 due to the taking in of the practice piece. But maybe I cut more precisely than my mother did. She’s used to patterns that have an extra line for seam allowance, this one does not. So, after about 6 hours of sewing, I try the thing on, it’s way too tight. Not too tight to wear at my waist, but it’s meant to be a low riding waistband.

Yesterday my mother came in and after 3 hours of trying to salvage the skirt, decided it was just too small. Frustration was at a major high yesterday. I’d ruined fabric I loved and the closer quilting store didn’t have it. I was pretty ready to pack up the sewing machine and be done with it for good.

But I decided to cut that fabric into a sleeveless shirt pattern, so perhaps it will be saved. And I’m going to buy the same fabric again because I love it and I will cut a (much) larger skirt and try not to take those numbers seriously. It’s hard. I know many women wear bigger sizes and they look fantastic so I don’t mean to insult anyone, really. But for me, it’s a big blow. I hate you, pattern companies.

I also have 2 more patterns and fabric I want to work with – so I hope I can stick with this. It doesn’t come as naturally to me as knitting, for sure. But I’m sure going to try again.