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Show and Tell

Posted by jackie blue on June 29th, 2006

I am long overdue for a post – there just hasn’t been all that much to show lately. Cherry is coming along nicely – I have a back, one front piece and the second front piece is halfway there. I haven’t had too much time for knitting lately but I expect some beach time this weekend (FINALLY some nice weather in store) will remedy that.
I also haven’t been sewing yet, really, except for some practice seams and learning how to thread the machine, etc. But I certainly have been shopping in preparation. So here’s what I got lately:
First, on a button expedition yesterday, some buttons for Cherry:


And for Alice, should I ever finish THAT one:


During an outing to the Renegade Crafts Fair with some friends a couple of weeks ago, I picked up some scrap fabric at the Repro Depot booth before it was total mayhem in there. The brown isn’t enough for a garment except for maybe a spaghetti tank, but I liked it. The pink will become a circular needle holder – I bought some solid brown to line it and some batting so I might try a little quilting technique for that. (slippery slope, people…). The blue is barely enough for a skirt but has already been cut for one – I figure this to be my practice piece but if it’s wearable in the end, even better.


Then I went nuts with Denyse Schmidt fabric from Cia’s Palette. And yesterday bought thread and zippers to match, so I’m all set when I feel confident enough to make actual pieces. We have 2 skirts and a dress in the making here, folks. Hopefully I will gain the courage before summer is over, these aren’t exactly Fall items.


And now that I have been to a great local quilting store and know there’s another as well, I may not be able to control the printed cotton fabric habit that’s developing. I might just have to take a quilting class.

She knits! She sews! Well, not yet.

Posted by jackie blue on June 9th, 2006

Ok – so despite a crazy busy week, there’s been some knitting going on. Alice still needs the rest of her second sleeve, but the poor dear needed a rest. Cherry just came barging in and she’s taking over.


I just love working with Shine a lot more than that Cotton Glace which feels like twine. This is soft and luscious, and I’m getting pretty good gauge despite it being a sport weight vs. DK. Cherry is a great pattern for TV watching, almost mindless but just enough to keep it a little interesting.
And look what arrived today!


Several patterns to get me started on making some cute things. I still haven’t even attempted to thread the sewing machine, mind you. Maybe this weekend I’ll give it all a practice run.

New Toy Two

Posted by jackie blue on June 1st, 2006

I posted some days ago about almost buying a sewing machine. After that post, Valentina calls me and says No! Don’t! I have one I will sell you, cheap. So, it was a good excuse to see her for lunch, and get to Economy Candy for the latest Candy Swap, and I took her machine. It’s a very basic model – no fancy stitches built in like the one I almost bought. No automatic buttonholes. But, it’s a good way to learn and figure out if I really want to do this, and the price was right. Plus it’s as good as new.


My mother gave me some scrap fabric to practice on so sometime this weekend, I hope to start sewing.
In knitting news, still working on the second sleeve of Alice, but look, oh look what just arrived.


Think I’ll resist casting on for Cherry? Ha.
There’ll be no knitting tonight, Jenn and I are going to see one of my favorite bands, Rogue Wave, in Brooklyn tonight. Gotta get out of the house once in a while!

Alright, already

Posted by jackie blue on May 18th, 2006

I’m tired of not posting. I can’t blame work, though I am working, it’s not been that hectic lately. I just haven’t been knitting all that much. I knit when friends come over to watch TV (my place has become Lost and Buffy headquarters) but progress is slow. Here’s where Alice is now:


A back, 2 fronts, one sleeve nearly to the cap shaping. It’s gonna be awhile, I think.
I seem to spend a lot of time on the web, researching stuff. One thing I’ve been thinking about lately is taking up sewing. Not that I really have a desire to sew, I don’t. But I see such pretty fabrics out there, and basic cotton skirts in stores I frequent (J. Crew, Anthropologie) run well over $100 for stuff I can probably make for $20. My mother sewed when I was a kid. A lot. I just never got the gene, I guess. But this might be coming in the mail soon.


Might. I can’t seem to press the “checkout” button. Do I really need another craft I may not stick to and never finish projects?
I’ve also been looking a lot at reviews for this.


I have a phone. A good phone. But I miss a lot of calls on it due to low volume ringtone and a vibrate function that is very flawed. I don’t need this. I don’t. It sure is pretty though.
Since this is becoming more of a pictorial than an actual post, this one’s for Claudia.


Even my dog is bored.