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Teeny Haul

Posted by jackie blue on October 19th, 2005

So as much as I love to buy things, especially YARN, I really held the reins tight at Rhinebeck this year. Main reason, I’m pretty much living off my checking account now that work is slow and very little money is coming in. So, BROKE is my number one reason. Reason two is that I have so much yarn already, projects in progress and not yet started, that I really don’t have the space for any more. Reason three, I still have a gift certificate for Purl that my lovely friends gave me for my birthday. Reason four, OVERWHELMED by so much yarn and no idea what to do with any of it. So here’s the teeny haul:
Two hanks of Mountain Colors Bearfoot for socks, and some Carolina Homespun roving for practice.
I should have prefaced that with – I have always resisted the spinning thing. Another hobby to suck up time and money – NO!!! But my friend The Enabler gave me a drop spindle and some roving for my birthday. Evil. I couldn’t figure out how to wrap the yarn so I haven’t fiddled with it much. I fully intended to bring it to Rhinebeck but in my frazzled packing state, I forgot. Then, there, everyone was spinning. And I watched carefully, though all the spindles used were different than mine (top whirls vs. my bottom whirl) and everyone I asked said they didn’t really know how to use mine either. Doh. So, I will find a way to learn, and bought only a tiny bit of roving in the meanwhile.
I also went back to the crack den known as Brooks Farm and this time was thrilled to find a blend without any mohair. This is Four Play, 4 hanks worth, in greens and purples that do not find justice in this photo. It’s really not shiny, either.
I still have some wonderful alpaca from last year’s teeny haul so I can pretend I bought it this year, right? I also got a bottle of some Bushwacker’s Savory Sauce but that didn’t seem like a real Kodak Moment.

Rhinebeck Whirl 2005

Posted by jackie blue on October 18th, 2005

Last year was my first Rhinebeck, and it was a lovely afternoon, a quiet ride up with some bloggy friends, lots of shopping, seeing a few familiar faces. So this year, I thought it would be great to spend the whole weekend and really socialize, more than shop. After all, I really don’t need more yarn, right? So I went for the atmosphere, the people. Oh.My.God.
After a panic attack on Friday about all the rain and my tiny old sportscar that fogs up and leaks, I rented a large new car very last minute, and Em and Cassie and Jenn and I headed out. We weren’t prepared for the rain of biblical proportions to last the entire way there. (Em did a fabulous driving job, after I was so frazzled by the whole morning of errands that I was just a big mess). We weren’t prepared for stopping at a hotel in the wrong town because it was 10 miles too soon but we wanted to be there oh so badly already. We weren’t prepared for the MASSIVE amount of people we would see. Some bloggers were great about listing them all. I can’t even remember half of whom I saw.
But after the hazardous trip, all got better. We had a great time, seeing people. fondling fiber, eating, chilling out in our room (we missed the big lobby party, we were so dead) and shopping. I bought surprisingly little. I will document the teeny haul tomorrow. In the meanwhile, here are some highlights.

First sunshine in over a week

Jenn knitting at the pajama/cake party

Carolyn demos some spinning

Em and Norma look adorable

Me and Cassie in twin Ene’s shawls

I almost took this puppy home

There were lots of wool bearing critters

These two got so addicted they barely moved

Good thing we rented a bigger car, eh?

Funny things happen…

Posted by jackie blue on October 17th, 2005

…when you free yourself of deadlines. You might just make it anyway. This is the finished Deli sweater, debuted at Rhinebeck Saturday morning.


Pattern: Deli from Rowan Classic Cafe
Yarn: Rowan RYC Cashcotton DK in Quartz
Needles: Addi Size 6

I’m home this morning after an exhausting but WONDERFUL weekend, despite some travel woes. Too tired for a real post, so expect highlights tomorrow.

Evidence of knitting

Posted by jackie blue on October 12th, 2005

I may not be posting much, but there has been much knitting going on here at Chez Blue. It’s been raining biblical proportions here in NYC, my freelance career seems to be gasping for breath (anyone, hire me, please) and so I have lots and lots of time. Lookee and see.

10.12.blanket.jpg The last blanket square has been knit, the blanket is sewn, and garter stitch border has commenced.
10.12.sock.jpg The sock very nearly has a toe.
10.12.lisette.jpg Lisette’s sleeves are done, and I’ve started the lace border for the bottom.
10.12.deli.jpg About 75 miles of the 100 miles of lace have been knitted and sewn on Deli. I am knitting and sewing as I go along, praying I don’t run out of yarn. It looks close.

Full photos as projects are finished, I promise. Meanwhile, I have Deli and the laundry on the agenda for today.

*added later: I am definitely running out of yarn. The nice people at Purl are holding a skein for me to pick up tomorrow. NEVER AGAIN am I buying the exact amount for a project, It seems to me I always run short.