Yes, another post

Posted by jackie blue on December 21st, 2007

So a week or so ago my friends and I had a little yarn swap. My stash is taking over my apartment and I have not only boxes in the closet, but what looks like a body bag in my living room. Really, it’s not pretty. So I was glad to partake in a swap but I had a feeling most of what I wanted to part with was not the most desirable stuff. I was kind of right. A couple of things did go but on the most part I came home with the big tote of stuff I came with.

Uh, and more. I wasn’t supposed to bring home MORE.

But boy, what a score. See this little pile of black cashcotton DK? Well, it’s not really a little pile. I got 20 balls of this stuff. Woo!


I also took some lovely Shaeffer Anne. I love Anne, it makes such cuddly socks. And I do have some room for sock yarn, now that my bathroom renovation left me this piece to either part with or use.


I also took a haul of fabric home but we’ll save that for yet another post.

I’m hoping to work very little, if at all, between Christmas and New Year’s, so my goal is to get all the stash into Ravelry, and maybe even use some up. That’d be nice.


Posted by jackie blue on December 20th, 2007

It’s so cute I almost don’t want to give it up. This is the EZ Baby Sweater on Two Needles, aka February sweater. It’s a gift for my super to go along with his Christmas tip as he has a 1.5 month old girl. It was really just an excuse to make a cute little sweater. I’d keep it but it won’t even fit Ty.


In other knitting – I didn’t get far at all with my alpaca Hourglass as friends convinced me last weekend it was all twisted. Problem is it’s a twisty yarn and slippery needles, but it was also a little too big (I had gone up a size since I wanted a drapier sweater than last one, but this yarn itself is drapier so I think the same size should do) – anyway I ripped and cast on again but didn’t get far enough to show anything.

Also last night I cast on for the same wristwarmers as Michelle, same color even, since she was nice enough to give me the same yarn she used. Guess we’d better not wear them together, eh?

Speaking of yarn – oh no, let me save that one for tomorrow.

Finished Hourglass

Posted by jackie blue on December 6th, 2007

Something is up with my camera and I just can’t get a good shot of this. Doesn’t help that my apartment gets little light. So sorry for small and blurry – but for now will have to do. Here’s finished Hourglass.


I’m pretty pleased with it, the pooling isn’t too terrible and I love the tiny stripiness on both sleeves. It’s comfortable and easy (though doesn’t go with those pants too well, oops – it was just for this photo anyway) and I already cast on for another in a very soft alpaca I bought at Rhinebeck 3 years ago.

But I don’t have too much time for that right now as it’s present time of year and I just cast on the EZ February baby sweater all of
blogland has knit.


I know the color doesn’t scream BABY but I like classic neutrals on little girls. I might spice it up a bit with buttons and perhaps some flower ribbon rosettes on the yoke. Rule to follow though: do not try and knit even the easiest of lace whilst drinking white wine and watching marathon episodes of Wonderpets.

Lots of blue and green

Posted by jackie blue on November 29th, 2007

I don’t know how a whole month has practically gone by. I’ve been busy Chez Blue – transforming my bathroom from a miserable place to one I don’t mind spending time in – all it took was a new coat of paint (in a similar color as before) – a new floor, some brighter linens, etc. I am an idiot and did not take good before photos. I don’t have a photo at all of my former towel storage/hamper – a 5 drawer chest made of cardboard and covered in fabric that was painted the wall color. I can’t believe I spent 14 years with cardboard furniture. Anyway, here are some befores – and some afters.

New floor in progress.
And now the afters.

It still needs some minor work but I’m so much happier with it now.

And look – there’s been knitting too. Hourglass is nearly done.


I hope to have it finished by this weekend.