Posted by jackie blue on November 5th, 2007

Thanks to a gray, windy and cold Saturday (and a completely lazy Sunday in which I should have gone for a bike ride, but didn’t) I got up to the part of the Hourglass where you put the body down and work the sleeves. But, uh oh, I don’t own a 12″ circular in size 8. Or any other size but a 3 for that matter. And it didn’t even occur to me when I started the sweater that my Knitpicks Options kit would not have a 12″ cable. Nor do they even make one.

Oops. Time for DPNs, which I hate. But damn, I don’t own any size 8 DPNs either. Call Mom. Nope, she doesn’t have them. What to do now? I can’t get to a yarn store till midweek, and dammit, I want to start my sleeves.

Oh wait, there’s that thing that Michelle was doing. That magic loop thing that magically creates a circular needle that you don’t have. Yeah, that’s the ticket.



Show and tell time

Posted by jackie blue on November 1st, 2007

I’ve had a new FO since the morning I left for Rhinebeck. Silly me though – forgot to have anyone photograph me in it while there. Nor have I gotten a chance to get one since. So you get the sweater without the model. The second Ribby Cardi is done, and I love it. Way more than my first one. This time, I made the all over rib and I think it makes a big difference in the fit. I also did the collared version – made it a couple of inches longer, and used a snazzy brass zipper. I hate the pink plastic zipper in my other one. The result is, a favorite new sweater that has made many appearances on chilly mornings and evenings in the park dog run. Just what I wanted it for.


Ribby Cardi, Cascade 220 Heathered

Look, there’s even been more knitting. One finished Hedera – and I still have a ton of yarn left from the first ball of Essentials. Might I get a pair out of ONE SKEIN??


Yes folks, there’s a lot of green going on here.

And now – the result of my hourglass pooling issues. I decided to alternate skeins after all – changing every two rows. Did it help? A resounding NO. It’s still pooling in odd diagonal stripes – but the alternating has broken the stripes up with other colors enough so they aren’t just big blue blobs. And you know what? I’m not unhappy with it. It’s kinda cool, even if it’s not what I was after. Like a wise one said, I’d be even crazier if I tried to micro-manage pooling even more than I already have. We don’t need an even crazier Jackie around here folks, trust me.


I’ve really gotten back into the knitting. Which is good. But my shoulder hates me. Really really hates me. Which isn’t.

And so…

Posted by jackie blue on October 26th, 2007

This is the third attempt at this sweater. At first I only ripped down to the 2 rows above the hemline and then tried the alternate skein method. I knit about 10 rows back up – and it was still kinda striping because I think I joined the second skein at a too-similar point. That, plus the gauge was starting to bother me. At first I didn’t care that I wasn’t getting gauge because I am between the first two sizes. But it started to feel a little too small.

So I ripped again, completely this time. Getting gauge now, I think. And since the first few rows are just facing and hemline – stuck with one skein on size 8s instead of 7. Pooling again but not as stripes. This time I’m getting big chunks of color – and I’m not entirely sure I hate it. It’s not what I envisioned but it kind of reminds me of an impressionist painting and I think it’s kind of cool. Will I think that the entire way up? It’s a crapshoot now – whether or not to attach that second skein. I think I may go a few more rows and see.


Frog Pond: Yay or Nay?

Posted by jackie blue on October 25th, 2007

So very shortly after coming home from Rhinebeck Sunday night, I cast on for the Hourglass sweater. A mindless stockinette knit in the round is great for TV watching. I’ve been working on it a bit each night and though I haven’t gotten TOO far, it’s still a bunch of knitting with 174 stitches. And here we have why I swore off variegated yarns – the inevitable pooling into stripes.


It’s decision making time. Rip now, before I get too far, and change needle sizes? Will going up one needle size make a difference in the pooling? Or leave it, because hey, stripes are in. What do you think? Opinions please.